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Month / January 2018

Rohan Jekyll and Hyde – The First Rohan Windshirt System

A Schizophrenic Body Wear System from Rohan The windshirt underpinned the very early lightweight, windproof upper body clothing system that Rohan pioneered. The very first windshirt Rohan Hyde had many reincarnations over it’s short life 1980 -1984. A windshirt was a very simple concept. Put a windproof shell over what is now referred to as your base […]

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The History of Rohan Airlight – Sarah Howcroft

The History of Rohan Airlight I am often asked questions about early Rohan. The how, what, where, when and why that underpin most articles with co founders of long established companies. During the course of these interviews over the last few years I have come to realise that early Rohan was much more about fabric […]

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“Winners not spinners” John Traynor

Bags of flair. As a whole, the UK outdoor industry has a long record of looking inward and resolutely ignoring societal trends. Despite the pressures of use and abuse on the outdoors, only a handful of companies have demonstrated more that a passing commitment to protecting the environment. Mostly, the exceptions have been driven by […]

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Nigel Gifford

Update – Rohan’s 1st Mountaineering Consultant

Last January I published this story on Rohantime…. Introducing Rohan’s 1st Mountaineering Consultant In 1978 Nigel became Rohan’s 1st First Mountaineering Consultant and took an electric blue Windlord jacket to Alaska in 1978.  He also tried out the Salopettes in the Himalayas and winter climbing in the Alps giving us feedback on comfort and practical design features. […]

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Sarah Howcroft - Rohan Heritage

Rohan 1975 – 1981 Innovators not Imitators

I have uploaded the 1975 – 1981 Rohan Catalogue to the Gallery. A catalogue very sparse on words with line drawings and no photos. As I was doing this I read it again and realised it answered a few questions that have been left unanswered over the  years. I have also added some observations. One really […]

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Rohan Bags – Yes You Can Rohan History 1987

An early example of Rohan Advertising circa 1987 Do you remember this ad? A series of Rohan Can advertisements ran from 1983 – 1987. The illustration above is the 1987 version. The ad ran in a number of the glossy Sunday magazines. In a post on Rohantime Jon Boston talked about the history of the […]

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Iconic Rohan Bags – Made in Yorkshire

Garment failure was not an option Not long ago I was trying to find a photograph of the building in which the first Rohan Salopette was made. To date I have not been successful. If anyone has some photos of Kippax West Yorkshire circa. early 1970’s the building may be on them. Look out for Cheney […]

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Rohan Original – The One That Started It All…

  The Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick has developed over the last few years and is now the most comprehensive Rohan Heritage collection in the country. Each new addition to the collection tells the story of the development of the Rohan range from the start in the early 1970’s until the late 1980’s. All […]

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Rohan Long Preston – The 1st Rohan Shop

Well you can’t miss it can you? It’s Rohan Long Preston which has many claims to fame. None the least it was the very first Rohan Shop to open. The first of 55 Rohan shops that have followed in the years since it opened in 1983. Many of the worlds mountaineers, adventurers, alpinist and climbers […]

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