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Month / February 2018

Reuse Outdoor Gear

A Rare Insight into Outdoor Gear Function and Form

  The latest Gift Your Gear event was very successful. Due to the generosity of Rohan customers who donated their gear some wonderful charities working with young people in the great outdoors are now better equipped and their gear pools are looking much healthier. Gift Your Gear also delivered a few surprising but very valuable […]

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Make your kit count Gift Your Gear


You can buy packs made from recycled from discarded nylon fishing nets, plastic telemark ski boots crafted from the oil of castor plants, no-stink bodywear knitted with yak wool, and surfboards laid up with hemp instead of fibreglass. You can get bamboo framed sunglasses, rain shells laminated with recycled polyester drink bottles, carbon-neutral sleeping pads, […]

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Gift Your Gear March 2017

Gift Your Gear 2017 – Rohan Shops

Gift Your Gear events in Rohan Shops are very special. It has been a privilege to take part in the collective effort of the Rohan community to make a difference. The collection of unwanted outdoor clothing and equipment for Gift Your Gear is rewarding on many levels. The enthusiasm of the Rohan Shop teams is always tremendous. […]

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Paul Howcroft – The Original Rohanist

Paul Howcroft the original Rohanist Rohan remembers the original Rohanists Paul Howcroft This post is to celebrate the life of Rohan’s Co Founder Paul Howcroft, who died on 14th June 1993. This post will be on Rohantime for 24 hours. Many Rohantime readers will have their own memories of Paul. Many more will have no […]

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Do You Remember – Rohan Regional Shows?

The Rohan Regional Shows 1981 – 1986  part of Rohan Life When we started Rohan in the 1970’s we assumed that we would sell our garments through the UK outdoor retailer. Such was the order of things at the time. This assumption proved to be correct. The first garment, the Rohan Salopette and the subsequent […]

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Once upon a time – Rohan Heritage

Understanding Rohan’s past is understanding Rohan’s thinking. My name is Sarah Howcroft the surviving member of the partnership that founded Rohan in Skipton North Yorkshire way back in the early 1970’s. Sadly Paul Howcroft died in 1993.  Rohantime offers us an excellent medium to tell the story of early Rohan. To do this we need […]

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