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Archive / February 2, 2018

Rohan History – The Skipton Years

The Skipton Years This is a very rare find. Not the first Rohan catalogue but maybe the second, circa 1975/76. All three pages are on the my Gallery on Flickr, increase the viewing size on the gallery to make it more legible. A brief synopsis: The late Paul and Norman Howcroft, Sarah Howcroft and Sally […]

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Gift Your Gear Rohan The Big Sort March 2015

All the outdoor clothing donated to Gift Your Gear in all the Rohan Shops during March has been sorted and dispatched to the beneficiary groups. This summer will see the gear back where it belongs on the hills with the young people from the Gift Your Gear beneficiary groups. The volume and quaintly of the donated gear was […]

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Gift Your Gear – Rohan Heritage September 2015

Gift Your Gear donations this September in Rohan Shops produced some fantastic classic Rohan jackets, trousers, breeches and salopettes. We have highlighted just a few of our favourites: The award for the most mature item donated goes to the Rohan Salopette. Not the earliest. That was black, much lower weight fabric and only one way stretch. Never the less […]

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The Bags Price Index – Iconic Rohan Bags

Rohan Bags – The original multi-functional outdoor trousers Rohan Bags Price Index – We have been tracking the price of a pair of Rohan Bags thirty six years. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a consumer product that has been in continual production for any length of time, however in Rohan Bags we are fortunate […]

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Rohan Originals at Rohan Keswick – See the Show

We have charted the growth of the Rohan Originals Collection housed in Rohan Keswick in a number of posts on Rohantime. The collection is now a comprehensive display of vintage Rohan garments. Each one tells a unique story of Rohan’s heritage. The walls of Rohan Keswick are now adorned with a collection of Rohan Originals. […]

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Flashback the History of Rohan Clothing

I have just added the Rohan 1980 catalogue to the growing Rohantime Heritage Collection As I was doing this it struck me that the development of the range over those first eight years from 1972 was amazing. The range had grown from a single garment the Salopette (below) into a sophisticated garment collection. Looking through […]

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