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Archive / February 3, 2018

Chris Townsend – Early Rohan

In The Beginning Once upon a time there was an outdoor shop in Manchester where I worked for a while. One autumn day a young man came in with a bag of garments and asked to see the buyer. Just another company rep, I thought, as he disappeared into the office to see the notoriously […]

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Chris Townsend – Rohan on the CDT

Rohan on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) Chris Townsend Three years after completing the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) I set out on a longer and more adventurous undertaking, the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), which runs for 3,100 miles down the Rocky Mountains from the Canadian border to Mexico. Back in 1985 there really wasn’t much […]

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Enduring design Kartell Bartoli and Rohan

The Long Lasting Appeal of Design Classics I was visiting the Rohan Shop in Milton Keynes, and there they were. Quietly residing in the centre of the shop. The Kartell Bartoli Chair (chair 4875) has been in the shop since it opened in November 1985. The chair was designed by Carlo Bartoli in 1974. Made […]

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Rohan Trotters – Sustainability Through Longevity

The Trotter – A Great Find Circa 1974 The recent Gift Your Gear Sort of all the wonderful donations yielded some really interesting finds. The most notable has to be this one. The Trotter A bi-stretch, cord effect, Helanca with Lycra trouser with easy to access secure pockets. Not just any trousers. This was the garment […]

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Gift Your Gear Rohan 2013

Gift Your Gear – Rohan Spring 2013

The latest Gift Your Gear event was very successful. Due to the generosity of Rohan customers who donated their gear some wonderful charities working with young people in the great outdoors are now better equipped and their gear pools are looking much healthier. Gift Your Gear also delivered a few surprising but very valuable results. […]

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Rohan A Family Affair

First Published on Rohantime 08/05/2013 It’s 25 years since the first Rohan shop opened in the Lake District. The Evans family opened the first Rohan Franchise in Windermere 25 years ago, that’s a long time ago. Al, Joy and Ben Evans are very much part of the Rohan family and Rohan Keswick is now the home […]

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