The recent Gift Your Gear event presented us with a number of lovely classic Rohan Heritage garments. Some real treasures!

Amongst Pampas of many vintages, Rohan Leeds came across a Mark 1 Pampas. I can’t say it was the jacket that started the development of Rohan Jackets that was The Starkhorn but it was our first double skin jacket and went on to have a considerable amount of development in the subsequent 10 years.

This photo is from the 1978 catalogue. See the full catalogue now on the Rohan Gallery

Rohan Inverness did very well with heritage donations they have some lovely examples in their window at the moment.

Including a Moving On, One Piece and Oflio.

What is the white garment?

Is it a Rider Jacket in White?

If you are passing by please call in and say hello – Rohan Inverness

Mark 1 Bags have to be a high point especially in the iconic Gold. The pair donated are in perfect condition. They are over 30 years old, they have obviously be used but have mellowed into a fantastically soft and appealing garment. Mark 1 Bags had a thigh pocket which was removed when we discovered it was a possible cause of irritation to the upper leg and the cargo pocket was not very functional. Mark 11 Bags followed and are the same today as the day they were introduced. Except for the price and we have covered that in Bags Price Index

A real talking point is the Rider & Herbert…

Part of a collection produced in 1987. Aimed at the growing number of Rohanists living and working in tropical countries. Looking back, it was more a celebration of Airlight fabric than anything else. The versatility of the fabric and its ability to look and perform over a tremendous range of temperatures was and still is amazing. Both Herbert and Rider were made from a modified Airlight called Airlight TR. The fabric was slightly thicker because we increased the thickness of the yarn. Both Harbert and Rider were produced in Dust and White. Read more about the Herbert and Rider

Both had a very short life about a year!

There where so many examples of early Rohan mountain garments including Striders, Super Striders, Nemises, Black Striders, Salopettes and Super Salopettes all well over 30 years old. All looked as though they have another 30 years in them. Let’s hope I am right because many are now in Gift Your Gear gear pools about to embark on a new life.

A few lovely examples of Dunova garments donated. Crew T and Cool T still super soft and striking. Read more about Dunova in the 1982 Range

The dominance of Gold in the range was very striking.

It struck me how bold that decision actually was at the time.

ift Your Gear September 2013 was a celebration of Rohan Heritage.

Garments covering 38 year still being used today and going on for a new life.

Speaks Volumes.

A very special thank you to all Rohanists who parted with their treasured early Rohan. It’s not an easy thing to do.

It is appreciated on so many levels.

Over the next few months I will have some photos for us all to share of the clothing in use again in the great outdoors.

Sarah Howcroft – Until Next Time!

Sarah Howcroft Co Founder Roghan Designs

First published on Rohantime 11/10/2013