February 2014 – We are really happy to let everyone know that the Rohan Olfios donated during our September 2013 Gift Your Gear event are now back out on the hills. We have just received the photo above from the Explorer Scouts. This is a fantastic story. Outdoor Gear made in the 1980’s users and appreciated by their new owners much younger than the Olfio’s.

A big thank you to everyone that help make this happen. If you donated an Olfio, thank you. All the Rohan Shops that collected so many lovely Olfios. Rohan Keswick for helping to find the right home for the Olfios.

Explorer Scouts, their leader Jono and Gift Your Gear, what a team.

Read the story as it happened:

We have a lovely update to our Olfio story that has a very happy ending. The hand over was made at Rohan Keswick this weekend. Rohan Keswick is the home of Rohan Originals, a comprehensive collection of Rohan heritage garments.

Jono told Ben outside Rohan Keswick today…
“I have always been an admirer of Rohan and think Gift Your Gear this is a brilliant idea. So much older gear is thrown away or discarded these days that it’s nice to see a company looking to help others and the environment. I’m a volunteer Explorer Scout leader in the North East of England, with a unit of between 30/40 young people aged 14 to 18. We are fairly active in the outdoors, participating in various activities as well as encouraging the young people to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh’s award which parallels with the Queen Scout Award. We draw from a variety of backgrounds, not all of whom can afford quality outdoor gear”

Some of the Olfio’s are over 25 years old and have, until earlier this year, been in constant use. They are now going on to be used again on the hills by young men and women half their age.

This Rohan Heritage story illustrates something most Rohanists know, Rohan garments last for years and years. Sustainability is built into a Rohan garment through longevity.

I said this story has a happy ending but really it is not over yet. We hope to follow this Olfio story as we follow the young men and women that will be wearing them for the first time on their trips.

A big thank you to Ben, Christeen and all at Rohan Keswick for helping to achieve this. It’s my guess this story will be told many times over the next few years

OLF10 – New Home Wanted for Rohan Olfio’s 

Rohantists donated lots of fantastic Olfio’sduring the last Gift Your Gear event. Many are in excellent condition, some like new. We have some lovely examples of different colours, vintage and sizes, some over 30 years old. The heritage Olfio collection is now in Rohan Keswickhome of the Rohan Originals Collection.

The quantity and quality of the returned Olfio’s prompted Ben Rohan Keswick to suggest that it would be great if we could do something extra special   with these cherished garments that form such an important part of our heritage

To achieve this we need your help in finding a special home where these cherished garments so they can go on doing what they do best. Ben suggested it would be great if we could get the Olfio used by young people today to help them and it would be a lovely thing to do in our 41st year.

If you represent or know of an organisation that could benefit from Rohan Olfio’s and meet the Gift Your Gear criteria please let us know  in  the comments below.

What is or was a Rohan Olfio?

AnswerIn the words of a Rohanist

The construction of Olfio is Rohan Airlight™ outer same fabric still used on Rohan Bagstoday.

Olfio will offer a superior level of protection than most fleece because it is windproof. In fact it will perform much like windstopper/laminated fleece.  Olfio dries very quickly, it will need a lightweight waterproof layer in wet conditions.

If you can put us in-contact with a possible Olfio beneficiary group please send us a comment below

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