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Paul Howcroft – The Original Rohanist

Paul Howcroft the original Rohanist Rohan remembers the original Rohanists Paul Howcroft This post is to celebrate the life of Rohan’s Co Founder Paul Howcroft, who died on 14th June 1993. This post will be on Rohantime for 24 hours. Many Rohantime readers will have their own memories of Paul. Many more will have no […]

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Do You Remember – Rohan Regional Shows?

The Rohan Regional Shows 1981 – 1986  part of Rohan Life When we started Rohan in the 1970’s we assumed that we would sell our garments through the UK outdoor retailer. Such was the order of things at the time. This assumption proved to be correct. The first garment, the Rohan Salopette and the subsequent […]

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Once upon a time – Rohan Heritage

Understanding Rohan’s past is understanding Rohan’s thinking. My name is Sarah Howcroft the surviving member of the partnership that founded Rohan in Skipton North Yorkshire way back in the early 1970’s. Sadly Paul Howcroft died in 1993.  Rohantime offers us an excellent medium to tell the story of early Rohan. To do this we need […]

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Rohan History – “Exploding with ideas”

‘You see those walkers on the Pennine Way? Well one day they won’t be wearing Levis jeans but our trousers. We shall call them Bags’ My name is Tony Jones. I joined Rohan in 1977 and stayed with them for seventeen years, with one break. I was employed as a manufacturer’s agent responsible for developing […]

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Why was Rohan so different?

Why was Rohan so different from all the other outdoor brands during the early years – in as few words as possible? This was a question that I was  recently asked by the owner of a large American outdoor brand. I was about to open my mouth and recite the answer that I usually do […]

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A Day to Remember – Paul Howcroft

Twenty Five years ago on this day 14th June  the co founder of Rohan died. Every year on this day Rohantime remembers Paul Howcroft. Rohantime has published many posts that contain great memories of Paul from friends, colleagues and family. I have highlighted a few below that stand out. I also added the above photo. […]

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Rohan History – The 1st Rohan Garment

Way way back in the early 1970’s a new garment appeared on the UK outdoor clothing market. The garment a high stretch mountaineering salopette,  the company responsible Rohan Designs. The Helanca high stretch salopette was the first of a many ground breaking and innovative outdoor garments that embraced the spirit of early Rohan Designs. I […]

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