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Rohan History – Long Live Pocketry

Pockets have always been a major part of Rohan garment design. Long before Rohan Bags the value of pockets in very early Rohan garments became fundamental to the design of each garment. Each pocket was positioned to maximise function and comfort for the user. Whilst Rohan pioneered the importance of pockets in outdoor garment design […]

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Rohan Keswick – Rohan Originals Rare Find

There have been a number of great posts on Rohantime about the growing Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick. Ben (owner of Rohan Keswick) and his team have been collecting some great examples of early Rohan garments. The Rohan One Piece was made in Leeds in 1987 from Rohan Airlight fabric. Not destined for heavy […]

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Rohan History – Come in Number Two

Come in Number two – Your Times Up. The very first Rohan customer was sadly lost on a big mountain many years ago. Let’s try and find the second Rohan customer. The garment the Rohan Mountain Salopette. The first Rohan Salopette was sold way back in the early 70’s to an outdoor shop. No Rohan […]

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Rohan – Back to the Future Chris Townsend

Rohan – Back to the Future Over the last nine months, we have published on Rohantime three posts from Chris Townsend. Recording some very early memories of Rohan and the Rohan garments used on some of  those very early trips. These memories stretched back over 32 years and included his first in-counter with the late […]

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Rohan History – Was this the first Olfio?

Was this the first Olfio? Paul Howcroft’s own OLF10-Ferrari 308 GT 4-2+2. Year: 1983, business must have been good that year. Thank you Ed and Ade Rudler for the photo. However, was this the first Olfio and which came first number plate or Olfio the garment. We have referred to the naming of Olfio in […]

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Celebrating 25 and 50 at 70+

It has been a great privilege to record for Rohantime the story of the First Rohan Franchisewith Al Joy and Ben Evans. This is the final part of the interview and covers Al and Joys outdoor life. I did managed to get some tips from them on how they have sustained their love of the […]

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Outdoor Stars

Rohan Flashback 28/03/2011 at 10:00 AM Chris Brasher leading Roger Bannister during the famous first 4 min mile 1954 Chris Brasher leading Roger Bannister during the famous first 4 min mile This is a short resume of the outdoor stars mentioned by Al in the series of interview Rohan a family affair first published on […]

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