Gift Your Gear donations this September in Rohan Shops produced some fantastic classic Rohan jackets, trousers, breeches and salopettes. We have highlighted just a few of our favourites:

The award for the most mature item donated goes to the Rohan Salopette. Not the earliest. That was black, much lower weight fabric and only one way stretch. Never the less it’s early 1980’s. Read more about the first Rohan Salopette

e had a great example from the Mille Miglia range. The Rohan Children’s Range circa 1984. Read more about the Mille Miglia Range

The Busker deserves a mention, also the Dusker and not forgetting the Wusker. All came from our ‘strange name period’. The text below is from the TGG milestone edition tells all.

A Mariner in wonderful condition deserves a mention. We talked about both Mariner and Voyager on Hybridity – The Mixing of Different Outdoor Fabrics and full details on Mariner on the Rohatime Gallery

Other brands where also well represented.

Troll Trousers remember them? Patagonia Snap T’s all vintages A real blasts from the past with early Phoenix Waterproof Jackets and Ultimate Jackets.

All have found there way into the beneficiary boxes and will be out on the hills again this season.

A very big thank you to everyone who helped made this happen – Gift Your Gear

Until next time!

Sarah Howcroft Co Founder Rohan Designs

Founder Gift Your Gear