Understanding Rohan’s past is understanding Rohan’s thinking.

My name is Sarah Howcroft the surviving member of the partnership that founded Rohan in Skipton North Yorkshire way back in the early 1970’s. Sadly Paul Howcroft died in 1993.  Rohantime offers us an excellent medium to tell the story of early Rohan. To do this we need to record our joint memories of this period. If you used the early Rohan garments, made the early Rohan garments, worked alongside Paul and myself, recorded early Rohan in word or film or had any contact with the company in the early days please join me. Lets tell the story. Rohan 1972 – 1990 for starters.

Sarah Howcroft

(ps. Yes this is an original Harris Tweed Norfolk Jacket made by Rohan in the early 1970’s. They where limited editions can’t remember how many 20 I think. Worn by the late Norman Howcroft & Sally – ‘great friends’. Yes that’s Sally the spotty dog that appeared in many a catalogue and regional show.)

picture taken by John Cleare for the Rohan catalogue