I have been watching the issue of inclusion and diversity in the Outdoor Industry develop over the last few year.  I meet up with a lot of the Gift Your Gear groups and always take the opportunity to learn more about their hopes, aspirations and problems in getting more young people out on the hills. One of the topics has been inclusion.

My thoughts crystallised when I received this news from a very active Gift Your Gear group…

Soon after this super story was picked up by The Guardian on 23rd January 2018

A new play by the rapper Testament was inspired by a walking group from Yorkshire. Our writer steps out with them on a trek across the wild, windswept moors… read more

Finally 25th January 2018


Outside Magazine – Op-Ed: Outdoor Companies Drag Their Feet on Inclusion

The industry has moved its trade show, but not its stance on diversity

By Teresa Baker and Glenn Nelson for Outside Magazine

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There is a lot of work to do in the industry….