Why was Rohan so different from all the other outdoor brands during the early years – in as few words as possible?

This was a question that I was  recently asked by the owner of a large American outdoor brand. I was about to open my mouth and recite the answer that I usually do when asked this question. When something made me stop. I think being part of Rohan again through Rohantime has made it possible to actually answer this question a little differently.

So for Harvey and all who have an interest in early Rohan. This is what I came up with…

A few words…

uncompromising, bold, challenging and restless.

In Harvey’s words “That’s all very well but you can’t build a company on those. They are more character traits than company positioning etc”. That’s exactly it. Rohan was built on character traits. There was no demarcation between the co-founders characters and the company. So with the benefit of hindsight and many years under my belt uncompromising, bold, challenging and restless captures it. But so does bolshy, self opinionated and impatient.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

As the company grew up along side a market that was also maturing much changed, I guess if you are bolshy all the time you run the risk of being challenged at best and ignored at worst.

This post has been published on this day to mark Rohan Founders Day a reflection on the late Paul Howcroft co founder of Rohan. Each year, on this day, we publish on Rohantime a post about the late Paul Howcroft the original Rohanist. Who died on 14th Jun 1993.

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This year Paul would have reached a fantastic and privileged time of life a Grandfather.  Those that knew him well understood the things Paul valued most in life were Rohan, his love of historic rallying and his family.

This would have been an important year for Paul.

If this triggers your memories of Paul and early Rohan, please add them in the comments at the end of this post.

Sarah Howcroft Co Founder Rohan

First Published 14th June 2011